About Cat Looke Thompson

RTY 200, Baptiste Level 1, Baptiste Art of Assisting, SUP yoga, & Kid Yoga Teacher

What yoga means to you / how did you come to find yoga? My yoga journey began in high school when exploring different varieties of fitness. After a few classes, I noticed a new strength in my body and sense of clarity in my mind. Over time, I experienced less anxiety and felt more grounded. I started to lead my life with more intention and vision, which has inspired me to pursue the things I love such as travel, cooking, food styling, writing, & exploration. I now see yoga as a way of life and love being able to share it with others.

What made you become a teacher? My passion for health, well-being and physical movement inspired me to become a yoga teacher. I want to be able to inspire others the way my teachers have inspired me. I believe yoga to be a practice of awareness; it is about tuning in to your body, and connecting with your true self. Yoga has provided me with the access to feel empowered in my own body. My mission is to share that access with the world through the integration of nutrition, wellness, and yoga.

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? I previously lived in Vermont, which has the distinguished honor of being home to the most microbreweries per capita in the United States. My weekends there consisted of yoga, hiking, and checking out new local breweries. I have always been interested in the science of food and fell in love with the science and technique of making craft beer. Yoga&Hops provides a unique experience where two of my favorite things, craft beer and yoga, can come together and be enjoyed. I love the atmosphere of being on site where some of our great local beers are crafted, while being able to share yoga in a laidback and playful environment. Plus we all get to enjoy beer! ☺

What can people expect if they take your class? I teach creative vinyasa flow with the intention of leaving students connected, inspired and present. I like to mix it up and try new things, take risks, test limits, laugh, and let loose.

What’s your favorite beer? Currently, Jester King’s Biere de Miel

Beyond the Brewery: I was born and raised in Houston and grew up with seven siblings, so there was never a dull moment! I am currently a student at UH close to starting my journey as a nutritionist and wellness coach. I love being outdoors, camping, traveling, gardening, trying new restaurants, and making homemade potions and lotions. You might find me in a bee suit caring for my hive and collecting honey, or in the kitchen trying new recipes while playing around with food photography. I have been inspired to weave the principles of yoga into my everyday activities. I love the practices of yoga and mindfulness and how beautifully it is integrated into all aspects of life. I am committed to loving large, having fun, and living a vibrant life.