About Tasha Summers

RYT 200, SUP Yoga, currently working toward RYT 500

What yoga means to you / how did you come to find yoga? I originally found yoga as a freshman in high school and used it as a tool to calm my nerves between track events and before theater performances. I was reunited with yoga in 2008 after starting a corporate IT job, it was a way de-stress from a long day of work and also an amazing workout that didn’t involve running!

What made you become a teacher? Ultimately I became a yoga teacher because I want to serve. Yoga allows me to share a practice that has transformed my life, to inspire people to live their fullest/brightest life, and bring a little healing energy into this world.

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? I love Yoga&Hops because it demonstrates that yoga does not have to be done in a traditional studio and that there is something special about bringing a group of people together to move, sweat, and socialize over yoga and beer!

What can people expect if they take your class? As a teacher, I love providing the space for students to find and tap into their true power and self-love. You can expect to leave my class feeling powerful, strong, and adventurous.

What’s your favorite beer? My favorite beer is really a cider, Strongbow!

Beyond the Brewery: I love pushing limits and finding adventures…just to name a few things I have done in life: competitive barrel racer for 10 years, 4 years wrestling in high school, 3 shark dives in the Bahamas, skydiving..(and lots more!)