The Dog Days of Summer have come to an end...technically. But realistically in Houston we’ve got a few more weeks before our climate actually catches up to the calendar. As I think back on this summer and all that I experienced, one thing stands out above everything else: my relationship with my new best friend.

A little four-legged bundle of pure joy has come into my life this past summer and she is making me see life through a new lens. Let me explain. Anyone that has been around a puppy probably notices their cuteness as they clumsily explore their new world. I am watching my little fluff ball do just that and it is creating a shift in me. I notice her take on every new sensation and catch her reaction to each sound, touch, smell and taste. The door that chimes every time it opens, the blender that makes an annoying sound...I see her hear these things AND stop and notice them. She turns her head slightly to the side as though to further understand what it is she has just experienced. She cautiously walks through doors as she heads into uncharted territory. Through watching her experience life I am brought into the present moment of noticing what is going on right in front of me, she helps take me out of the routine in my head (and sometimes passive way of being) and is making me look at the world in a new way. What if all of us embody a dog's way of making the every day seem extra ordinary?

I have realized I go through my life and at times don’t even notice what is literally flashing in front of my face. (You know that feeling when you drive to a place you’ve driven to a million times and when you get there you think, "I don’t even remember getting here", I was just going through the motions!?) This is what I mean, but even bigger. I get used to things being how they are, I get used to my comfort zone and then when I actually stop and think about it I wonder how I got here. I was living in my little bubble and not living in the present.

Fast forward to having a dog: I am outside more as I take her on walks and notice the sounds, sights and smells of the outdoors that once faded into my subconscious. I am becoming more present just being around her. And I LOVE it. I am seeing the once mundane through her eyes as though for the first time again and I won't let myself revert back - there is too much beauty and excitement and life is too full of surprises!

I am taking this concept into my yoga practice as well. Instead of getting into the same down dog I have done for years I am getting into it as though it’s the first one I have ever done. I am focusing on my breath and choosing to consciously breathe in and out and take control of each moment. It is amazing to notice how the breath and the poses FEEL, instead of just thinking (or not thinking) my way through them. I invite you to give this a shot - each day is different.

Day to day I am really trying to check in with how I feel and am working on noticing if I am just along for the ride or actually participating in every moment of my life. I think we can learn so much from our animals and in these short few summer months, my little puppy has already opened my eyes in a big way. I hope to continue to learn and take life lessons from her as she gets bigger. For now though, I happy with exactly where we are in this moment.

(If you're feelin' me on this, we've got a treat for you and your pup! Bring your furry bestie along to Back Pew Brewing this weekend for doggy yoga!)

Saturday, October 7th 11am
$20 BYO Pup.