About This Brewery

1301 Barth Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46203

Fountain Square Brewery is located in the artsy community of Fountain Square, southeast of downtown Indy. Fountain Square is known for its funky curb appeal, thriving art scene, and many independent businesses, such as Fountain Square brewery otherwise know as FSQbrewery. FSQbrewery prides itself on brewing beers as an art form and Indy residents rave about the quality of their brews. The folks at FSQbrewery also have a good sense of humor which is clear by the way they name and describe their beers and the artwork that ties in with them. Our personal fav. is the Preachers Daughter Amber which is accompanied by an awesome mural in the brewery of a “Blues Brother-ish” looking preacher and his teeny bopper daughter. It’s clear that this soulful brewery will remain a staple of the Fountain Square community for decades to come! We look forward to “Smashing” many beers with them during our Sunday Funday classes!