What is Yoga&Hops?

Yoga&Hops is a way to connect with like-minded individuals over; you guessed it, yoga and beer! We hold one-hour yoga classes in local craft breweries and top it off by sharing a beer together after class. We also hold special yoga events and retreats, which of course also highlight local craft brew.

Really, yoga and beer, how does that go together?

More than just doing yoga and drinking, we like to think of these elements as two parts that make up a whole, fun-filled community event. Sweat, make new friends, and create a buzz even before the beer starts flowing!

Beer is also a great post-workout recovery drink, think: naturally high in antioxidants; and hops (which doesn’t just add spice to our yoga but also to beer) are rich in healthful anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

I've never done yoga, like ever! Will I be okay?

All classes are all level friendly, so new yogis and seasoned pros will benefit! Our teachers give detailed instructions for newbies as well as options to play around if you are more comfortable in your practice.

Okay I'm intrigued... What should a first time Y&H'er know?

You will have a blast! Check out our schedule and pick a class to attend. You can register online here. Make sure you know the brewery location and you’re set. Wear clothes you are comfortable to move in (and possibly get sweaty in). You can change at the brewery if you need to. We have mats to rent ($3) or BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat). Cake.

How do I sign up for a class?

Sign up here. This will direct you to create a profile on our scheduling site. We have single classes, class packages and memberships available. Make sure you not only buy the class but that you register for the class too!

Can I just show up?

Absolutely! We love walk-ins, however to speed through the check-in process we recommend signing up online in advance. Some breweries have a limited capacity so to ensure your spot, sign up ahead of time.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend getting there 5 minutes before class starts. First-timers are encouraged to get to the brewery around 15 minutes before class time so they can get set up, signed in, and ask any last minute questions (or grab a pre-yoga brew!).

What do I bring to class?

We have mats and water available. You might also like your own mat, water bottle, a towel, and your beer goggles :)

What if I need to cancel my class?

Don’t stand us up like that! (But if you have to, we understand.) Just cancel your reservation 2 hours before class either online or through the Y&H app.

What if traffic's bad and/or I'm running late?

No worries, remember we’re doing yoga in the brewery, laid back is our middle name. If you show up late and class is already started just hop right in and we will get you checked in after class. No Sweat, well maybe a little on your mat.

What style of yoga is Y&H?

Y&H classes are vinyasa-based classes. Movement and breath are linked, and you will work up a sweat, which all leads to the sweet reward of beer. Each teacher has their own unique style, learn about them here.

Any age restrictions for class?

Obviously you must be 21 to drink, however if you are under 21 or a parent bringing their little, you're welcome to attend, however, class price remains the same.

Can I drink more than one beer?

Up to you! One beer token comes with every Y&H class. If you want to purchase additional brew or food at the breweries stick around and have some F-U-N!

Can I do yoga if I'm pregnant?

Yoga can be a wonderful way to exercise when you’re expecting. Make sure the instructor knows so they can give you modifications for poses. You will get a beer token so you can save them up and go cray after the baby pops out or just give the token away. Some breweries even offer different selections on tap that don’t have alcohol.

I don't drink, any discounts?

After class everyone receives a beer token you can reject the token or make a friend by giving it away. The class price will remain at $20.