Cheers! Learn all about how these two got to hoppin'...

Yoga&Hops was founded by Angie Currell and Cindy Agnew. The two met while studying at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. They individually grew a passion for yoga and eventually became certified yoga teachers (RYT). Angie knew of a local brewery in her Houston neighborhood and got the brilliant idea to see if they would be open to holding a yoga class there every once in awhile. They were totally down! Yoga&Hops held its first class at 8th Wonder Brewery in May of 2014. Cindy quickly hopped on board and the two joined forces to grow the Y&H community in Houston and beyond. Not only is Y&H a great way to build community but a fun way to replenish a few lost nutrients from sweat (yes – beer can be a recovery drink when consumed in moderation)!

The Y&H team aims to raise the vibration of everyone they come in contact with and spread the goodness that the practice of yoga cultivates.

Check out our full schedule and we’ll meet you at the brewery soon!

Meet The Teachers

Get to know our beer-lovin’ yogi bad asses and you'll love them as much as we do. Hit up one of their classes to hang with them in person.
Meet the Teachers

Where We Flow

We like to fill the nooks and crannies of local craft breweries for an out-of-the-box yoga experience! Find a class near you!
Check Out The Breweries

Strike a Pose

Catch a glimspe of Y&H yogis in action working up a sweat on their yoga mats and then finishing class with a refreshing cold brew.
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