About Angie Currell

E-RYT 200, YACEP, SUP Yoga, Baptiste Art of Assisting

What does yoga mean to you / how did you come to find yoga? I started yoga in my apartment with my roommate in 2009 (the good old fashioned Steve Ross videos!) but started to dive deeper into it when I moved to New Orleans in 2010 and didn’t know anyone. I found a studio to call home, which cultivated a feeling of connectedness and community that I was previously missing, and the practice I developed was grounding and exciting. I never ever left yoga regretting that I went, and always felt totally blissful after practicing – so I quickly became hooked.

What made you become a teacher? After moving back to my hometown of Houston in 2013 I decided I wanted to take my practice even further, so I dove into a regular practice at BIG Power Yoga and about 6 months later was signing up for my RYT 200 training. Put very simply, I fell in LOVE with the practice and wanted to share what I was experiencing with others. I loved the physicalness of the asanas and also loved how it changed my outlook on life and what was possible. Most importantly I had FUN doing it!

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? I created the concept of Y&H because I want to bring together my love of yoga, community, and craft beer. I wanted to connect with anyone that loves all or simply one of those things. I also just wanted to create a new, unique space for people to practice yoga – and what better space than a brewery?!

More on Y&H: Every day I have to remind myself that this is my JOB! I am so excited to see how far we have come in these two short years, and am so proud of the relationships we have established with our brewery partners, teachers, and students. Looking to the future I see more retreats, lots of growth, and a community that just keeps getting better and better. Our goal is to elevate and spread the good vibes with everyone we come into contact with (while sharing a brew in the process!) and I see that ripple effect spreading far and wide.

What can people expect if they take your class? When you come to my class you can expect a killer playlist, a laid back vibe with a playful energy, and probably a beer in my hand. (I am all about that pre-yoga brew to help loosen you up!) You can also expect to get a powerful practice with me – we will have a great time and you’re gonna work up a sweat!

What’s your favorite beer? My favorite beer in Houston: I shall claim no favorites – I love all of our breweries equally šŸ™‚ Seriously though, we hit the jackpot with the craft beer we have at our fingertips! Outside of our hometown brew I love LaChouffe and Allagash Curieux.

Beyond the Brewery: When Iā€™m not yoga-ing you can find me sipping on wine with friends (my other favorite drink!), petting animals, having a dance party, checking out live music, exploring the outdoors, or traveling.