About Cindy Agnew

RYT 200, SUP Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Baptiste Art of Assisting

What does yoga mean to you / how did you come to find yoga? I grew up doing gymnastics and cheerleading so as an adult I was initially attracted to yoga for the physical side of the practice. I loved getting into wheel pose because it reminded me of back handsprings (still does) and all the one legged balancing poses reminded me of stunts. Yoga felt really natural in my body so every now and then I would take a few classes. AND THEN, I took this one class, I can still remember it exactly, my mind cleared and I got that aha moment. I realized this whole other side of doing yoga, not only for the physical benefits but for its ability to clear my head and make me more peaceful. I was so happy after that class, I was hooked.

What made you become a teacher? At first, I wanted to take an RYT training to learn more about yoga and educate myself for my own practice and didn’t put any pressure on myself to have to teach afterwards. I did know that a more balanced lifestyle was needed for me so a few days before my month long teacher training in Bali, Indonesia I celebrated my last day working a corporate position. I unplugged completely (no phone or computer) and focused solely on yoga and my training. I taught my first class to my fellow teacher trainees and felt drawn to teach more and more.

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? I love the whole idea behind Yoga&Hops as it is centered around having fun and being with community. For whatever reason someone comes and checks out a class the main feeling we want them to leave with is having a good time. The result of this is that their energy and vibe is lifted and this has a ripple effect, not only on the other yogis in class but even other people in the brewery. People are naturally so much more open after taking a yoga class, their barriers are down and they are making connections (or maybe it’s the brew). I love the balance and feel Y&H cultivates – we don’t take it too seriously, which is a nice change in all of our crazy busy lives.

More on Y&H: I am so stoked for the future of Yoga&Hops, I love to travel and explore new cities at a local level… and what better way to do that with than with yoga and local beer. We are planning retreats and have so many ideas on this new adventure for Y&H.

What can people expect if they take your class? In my classes you can expect music and laughter (usually from the partner pose or two that’s in the mix). I often hear people say that they tried a new pose in my class or it was challenging but also approachable. I try to incorporate a good balance of flow with a sweet cool down to get us ready for beer!

What’s your favorite beer? My favorite beer changes with the seasons. Ask me at a brewery and I’ll try to narrow it down to my top 3. I’m starting to get a feel for sours (thank you, 8th Wonder Haterade), I also love a good ale blend with fruit or spice… thinking of you Saloon Door Vanilla Ale. I can’t forget No Label’s Strawberry Blonde. So Yum.

Beyond the Brewery: Spending time and connecting with friends and family is what it’s all about in my opinion. I have one brother in San Francisco and one in Philly and I couldn’t be more proud of what they are accomplishing. Yes, I am the big seester. When not in the brewery I am usually brewing something up in the kitchen to share at parties.. I love dinner parties..especially if there is dancing and games – I love a good game night!