About Nicole Peralta

RYT 200 Heated Vinyasa Yoga

What does yoga mean to you / how did you come to find yoga? I stumbled across yoga at a local gym many years ago after searching for a more enlightened way to deal with my fears and stress. By creating space and flexibility in my physical body as a yogi, I have a more joyful approach to my life off the mat.

What made you become a teacher? For almost 8 years, I have been a depression and anxiety survivor. The experience recommitted me to my practice and gave me a softer and gentler outlook on life. While I was a fundraising event planner, I realized that my lifestyle was no longer sustainable and decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher with a dream to teach art and yoga abroad one day. Yoga has given me the opportunity to learn so much about others, travel the world, and even teach in a foreign language. (FUN FACT: After only 6 weeks of Spanish immersion classes, I taught yoga classes and workshops throughout Latin America including Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia for almost two years.

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? Sometimes people take their yoga practice way too seriously! I can say that because I am a recovering Type A achievement junkie. I love that you can do yoga, connect with fun people, and be part of a growing community. My first time leading a yoga class in a craft brewery was actually in Medellin, Colombia. It was the same neighborhood where the infamous Pablo Escobar grew up. (I had no idea who Pablo Escobar was until I left.)

What can people expect if they take your class? I’m a mixture of gentleness and fire. I like getting students grounded in a flow and then leading them to do something challenging and a little different – just like navigating your practice in a non-traditional place like a craft brewery!

What’s your favorite beer? I have a couple: After a yoga practice or on a hot summer day, I like a glass of Karbach Love Street. If I’m feeling a little indulgent, I like drinking a really cold Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with a brownie. It’s the best.

Beyond the Brewery: I love combining yoga and creativity. Through this interplay between yoga’s physical movement and the working with our hands as artists I could give others the inspiration and the accessible tools to become creative beings.