About Sheila Roberts

200 RYT

What does yoga mean to you / how did you come to find yoga? In 2009 I underwent open heart surgery and I discovered yoga during my recovery. For some people, heart surgery might feel like an unfortunate incident but for me, it was a new lease of life. I suddenly realized how important it is to stay healthy both physically and spiritually and I was able to find healing and gratitude through my yoga practice. The practice taught me how to nurture my body through breath and meditation. I soon began to make yoga a regular part of my everyday life and it has stuck with me ever since.

What made you become a teacher? It was my seventh year of working as a Learning Specialist for children with different disabilities and I received an interesting phone call from a parent… a mom of one of my students asked why our school had stopped its yoga program. I immediately wanted to learn more about this mysterious former yoga program that I was unaware of so I set up a meeting with the principal. She explained that while the program was very well liked, it was too difficult to keep a part-time yoga teacher on staff from year to year. I quickly suggested that it might be helpful to hand over the class to an existing employee and volunteered my services without hesitation. About an hour later, I was enrolled in a summer 200 RYT teaching certification program from Shoshoni Yoga, an ashram in Rollinsville, CO. Everything happened so quickly and I really didn’t think too much of it at the moment but I truly believe the opportunity to teach yoga was a way for me to give back to all of the children who had impacted my life in such a powerful way. Teaching yoga has helped me live my life in the present and has given me an appreciation for everything that life has to offer- the good and the bad.

Why do you love the concept of Yoga&Hops? While I love teaching my high school students, Yoga&Hops gives me the ability to share my yoga practice with people who are on the same wavelength as I am. Although I believe it’s important to exercise and be healthy, I feel it’s equally important to be able to kick back and enjoy a cold beer with a new friend. Yoga&Hops has been an incredibly rewarding experience solely based upon the people I’ve gotten to know through the process. Most of the people I’ve met through Yoga&Hops are very easy going, extremely inviting, and open to new experiences. It’s easy to see why people have fallen in love with the concept!

More on Y&H: A few motivational words for anyone who is considering trying out Yoga & Hops for the first time…you don’t have to be a yoga guru or a fit, young 20 something to enjoy our classes! A few months after I started teaching Yoga & Hops I became pregnant with my son. Obviously, I had to cut out the hops and the headstands but I never gave up on teaching yoga, even with my big preggo belly! It just goes to show that anyone, of any age, body type, or gender can truly experience what Yoga&Hops has to offer a good time with good people.

What’s your favorite beer? As a Midwestern gal, my favorite beers originate from the great states of Indiana and Wisconsin. There’s nothing better than kicking back by the lake and cracking open an ice cold Upland Wheat (from Bloomington, IN) or a Spotted Cow (from New Glarus, WI).